Virtual Nomad is a journey that touches the sounds, shapes and tastes of the world. It records and shares my project, undertaken with my children and other dear people, to sample food, history, geography and art from our diverse world.

Virtual Nomad started with a trivia question about a capital city. It made me realise how much the Finnish school system had taught me about geography and history, and how I now value this knowledge as I see my children navigate a STEM- focused school curriculum. The project seeks to give my children a little of what I have been given.

Virtual Nomad should be taken as intended — a love letter to our gorgeous global tapestry. It is not deeply political or educational. It seeks to approach complex realities without depth but with curiosity and respect.

It’s light and fun, not meant to be onerous but entertaining. One cannot gain a deep understanding of a people and a place through one dish, one book or one movie, but it does plant an awareness that a place exists, has a name and a history.

Above all, it gives us a chance to find the world within and where we live, and share experiences with the people around us. I have created a structure and set rules for the project, balanced by my accompanying virtual nomads, who, if needed, gently draw me back to the immediate joy of sharing a new experience.

The fleeting experiences cannot encompass a complex country, culture or region, but provide a setting for awareness, sharing and – undoubtedly – sounds, shapes and tastes of the world. Recommendations of how we might best sample a corner of the earth are warmly welcome.

Travelling will never be as carefree for my children as it was for me. They are much more aware of the ecological and cultural impact of overseas travel than my generation. My hope is that some virtual globetrotting will provide a meeting point for high carbon-footprint parents and net-zero children.

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